Forex Macro

Why is this scam

Forex Macro
This platform had all of the classic hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme.
Internet reports indicated it had already stopped paying its investors.  Furthermore, many people reported waiting unsuccessfully for months and months for withdrawals from Forex Macro.
And they also said the company has stopped responding to emails for withdrawals.
The U.S. website for Forex Macro has been down since sometime in March of 2010, according to some investors.
Although the E.U. website was still up at that time, it too had also gone down.
Before going down, however, the E.U. website has an under construction message.
Panama-based Forex Macro was operating as a High Yield Investment Plan or HYIP that claims to trade in the forex market. And, also, offers its investors exceptionally high returns on their risk capital.
The primary risk with using this service or referring others to use it was that it was a cover for a Ponzi scheme.
Official website:

Let’s see the other signs.

While both the U.S. and E.U. sites for Forex Macro now have an error or “server not found” message when you try to access their websites, another apparent ForexMacro site has appeared in Spanish.
Forex Macro 1
This site, called “forexmacro-Inversiones” contains information about its high yield investment scheme.
The message on the E.U. website remind customers of Forex Macro that, by signing a contract, all users of Forex Macro has been informed that investments in the forex market are risk capital.
It added that in no case could Forex Macro ensure the capital invested for clients, nor any interest or commissions that were due them.
The message was signed by ForexMacro’s Administration with a postscript underneath which stated that they were very sorry about this situation. And that the page was under construction.
Hence, they would notify their clients via email when they return to operation.

The signs of confirmation

The new site claims that the company is headquartered in the Republic of Panama.
Also, for some reason, it uses the credentials of their alleged broker, IFX Markets on their Information and Contact page, instead of their own.
That is very suspicious.
This is what we found on their new web location.
‘Is it possible to earn money online without having previous knowledge in the world of investments and even without investing a single penny?
Yes; Forex Macro is an online Forex investment system accessible to all types of people with or without knowledge of the Forex market.’

So, they work despite by everything.

The new site offers three investment plans that supposedly pay investors anywhere from 8% to 30% monthly returns on investments from $50.00 to $200,000. The minimum investment terms are from three to six months.
We found that it is unrealistic return.
The new site also offers a referral plan which gives investors the opportunity to receive a percentage of investments made by other people that they refer to the program.
What does it mean?
This means you do not even have to invest yourself in order to cash in on investments made by people you have referred.
What is this if it isn’t the Ponzi scheme?
But we know from the experience with previous two Forex Macro HYIP sites. Many people who invested in  Forex Macro HYIPs have been left in the stumble. Their emails were left unanswered and their money evidently was lost.
The possibility of any of these investors getting any of their invested money back is extremely weak.


ForexMacro presents a classic example of why investors should avoid putting their funds into such high-yield investment plans.
There is an enormous possibility of a scam.