Crypto Banque

Why is this scam

Crypto Banque
The site that we present to you is part of these sites of small scams, whose naivety makes you necessarily smile.
It is now the rule for any small scam, to look for a shadow.
Some suspicious platforms use that to make everyone believe that the site is co-opted by another company of high reputation. Moreover, regular and enjoying good publicity.
The usurpation serves to show that ‘respectable’ company to appear respectable.

Crypto Banque 1

Generally, scammers proceed in two ways:

Some claim to be the subsidiary of a group that has decided to get into bitcoin.
Others claim to be the subsidiary of another company already involved in cryptocurrency.
This is the latter case belongs to
This site claims to be in connection with the company BITCOINS INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT KFT.
It is a company with headquarters in Hungary.
We were able to gather the following information about this company:
Registration number: 01 09 301930
Creditreform Crefo-number: 9311415642
Capital: HUF 3,000,000
Address: 1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 24. földszint 1.
As can be easily noted, it is the address of this company that the site has posted as its address in Hungary.
Official website:

Let’s see the other signs.

Some questions arise, however.
Why would the Hungarian society want to join another company while its authorization opened to its access to the, in this case, French market?
And why are the relations between the two companies not presented anywhere?  Except on the website, of course.
This site also deliberately wants to cause ambiguity. It does not specify the type of relationship that exists between him and the company BITCOINS INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT KFT.
We think they create this blur only to feed the confusion.
If such a relationship really existed between the two companies, would have exhibited the evidence to convince future investors.

The signs of confirmation

It is probably in order to hide precisely this irregularity that the site tries to put itself under the cover of another site.
How could an authorization obtained by a company exempt other companies from obtaining their own authorization?
Let’s say, we consider that the two entities are clearly separated. Hence, it is essential that takes the necessary steps to obtain authorization and register.
In the absence of these steps, it is a completely irregular site. It will not convince anyone to the contrary.
For this site, as for many others, it is important to ensure the seriousness and reliability of those who offer you brokerage.


There is no trust in the allegations of the site
This is just another site that wants to set traps to defraud people who want to invest in cryptocurrency.