Crown Managers

Why is this scam

Crown Managers
Anyone who is searching to identify this site has the identical problem. This platform has been banned by their previous hosting company. But this dogged scammers decided to register Crown Managers with a totally different host.
Important note, this platform is owned and managed by stubborn scammers.
Crown Managers is a website that is purporting to trade crypto-currencies on behalf of investors.
The website claims that this business is managed by four veteran traders namely David Wobbes (CEO), Marcus Alexander Mann (COO), Manuel Zeche (CFO) and Mikhail G. Porta (Head of Business Development).
They proclaim that they have the highest return on investment for anyone who wants to make quick wealth.
But in real life, they have a very bad reputation and it got them in trouble with their host in the first place. That was the result of many complaints being shared on the internet.
This website is painting with a very negative picture. Investors were claiming how they lost money to this scam and how authorities are doing nothing to stop these criminals.
We just want to say, the safety of your money on the internet is depending on you.
Official website:

Let’s see the other signs.

The website has a business address, 5 Maison de Soins de l’Etat, 9440 Vianden Luxembourg.
And phone number has also been provided.
What hope!
These scammers are hoping that they will be building confidence and credibility if investors think that credible websites allow customers to call their operators.
It can be contrary. Be honest, a phone contact number is not rubber stamp proof that you will not lose money.
They have  3 expensive plans which this website is allegedly offering to investors. The starter plan requires a minimum investment of $10,000 to get started with. The basic plan is asking for $25,000 and then the ultimate plan is being offered for $50,000.
Most cryptocurrency scams don’t worry much for their starter plans. Hence,  Crown Managers is no exception.
This scam is essentially targeting wealthy investors who are only looking to add more portfolio to their investments.

The signs of confirmation

Moreover, you have to realize is that Crown Managers is only accepting money that can be deposited in Bitcoin or through wire transfer.
That’s the first red flag which you should be suspicious about.
Where are Visa and MasterCard for instance?
Any fund manager who is operating a big company where thousands or even millions of dollars are trading is always accepting a number of deposit methods.
But Crown Managers don’t, as we can see.
Actually, they don’t have to worry about chargebacks or getting sued by their customers due to misconduct or fraudulent activities.
It is impossible for the client to know where the money went to, with Bitcoin payment. Once the money is sent, it cannot be refunded.
That also means that you can never identify the company or person you sent money to. Scammers always tend to show preference towards wire transfers. And Bitcoin deposits are even more convenient and secretive than wire transfers.
Hence, this provides a safe asylum for Crown Managers scammers.
This website is even more dangerous.
That is a Ponzi scheme.
You can’t find which brokers they are working with. There is no mention that someone will be trading with your account.
Besides, they don’t make it clear enough whether or not they are looking to unite funds together so that they can trade them in one account.
Crown Managers 2
Luxembourg regulator CSSF warned against Crown Managers.
The full report is HERE.


We conclude that Crown Managers is a big scam. If you send them money it is at your own risk.