Why is this scam

We are quite used to these sites which give an address located far from France. No matter what their target group is in France.
This site was no exception to this rogue trick.
The address of the site is located in the United Kingdom: Cromwell Tower Office 613, Floor 32 Beech Street Greater London, England, United Kingdom. Only, we have been able to continue somewhat this address. We were not surprised that it does not lead anywhere.
This is a false address simply displayed to deceive the vigilance of people wanting to invest.
Official website:

The signs of confirmation

Moreover, the site itself does not display any phone number, which is even more surprising.
All that we could find on this site was a winning simulator that allows you to assess how much you will earn if you invest an amount on a cryptocurrency defined.
Coinquick 1
In an exercise like that, more than in the stock market, the virtual currency is unstable. Hence, predicting the gain is just the incantation without any serious foundation.
One draws only one thing: this exerts an extreme charm since the surfer immediately has the impression of facing a veritable mine of resources.
Do not be fooled: Cryptocurrency is not so predictable.
A good and prudent transaction will allow you to gain a lot. But do not give in to the allegations of scammers that make you lose the share of any investment of the same kind.

Let’s see the other signs.

The website is on the FSMA blacklist.
The Belgian financial market regulation authority has identified it as a potentially dangerous site. So, it would be irrational to pretend to invest in it.
Of course, it is useless to specify that it is a site that has no authorization in France, neither from the AMF nor from the ACPR.


Protect your assets, do not throw them at the thieves. Red flag!