Coinplus Bitcoin

Why is this scam

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CoinPlus Bitcoin is a fairly new ICO, one that has been around for about 4 or 5 months now. It promises absolutely enormous returns through completely automated cryptocurrency trading.
These guys claim that you can make up to 20,000% profit in just 1 day. Of course, this is absolutely ridiculous, but there is still a lot more to this CoinPlus Bitcoin scam than that.
There are a ton of scam factors that we found here. If you see an ICO called CoinPlus, CoinPlus Limited, or CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited, they are actually all the same scams.
The people in charge here just keep drive out a new cryptocurrency ICO scam with a bit different name.
They change the name again and then relaunch it.
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The signs of confirmation

But if you do some research, and take a closer look, it is obvious that this whole thing has to be a scam.
Literally, everything about this CoinPlus Bitcoin ICO screams SCAM! One of the first things that we realized about this CoinPlus Bitcoin scam is the fact that it is totally anonymous.
There is no clear leadership involved here. We couldn’t find on the website who the team members are, and it is a big problem.
If your money goes missing, which will happen here, there is nothing that you will be able to do about it. These guys are hidden in a shadow of anonymity on purpose.
The company itself, CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited, is completely fake.
The address and registration papers provided are not real at all. We couldn’t find them in any business registry that we know of. This means that the CoinPlus Bitcoin Limited company is also unlicensed.
Coinplus Bitcoin 2
This also means they have no legal authority to take traders investments, to provide financial advice, or to trade on traders behalf. All tradings would be doing illegally. We assume there are no trades involved.
This is just a Ponzi scheme that is all about stealing your hard earned money!

Let’s see the other signs.

We asked how the CoinPlus Bitcoin trading software works.
The answer was that our investment will be used to perform fully automated trading with the BTC and crypto trading app that their team have developed. But they avoided explaining how the cryptocurrency trading software actually works.
They didn’t tell us what kinds of signals are available and what crypto coins are included in the trading app. Moreover, these fraudsters seem to fully ignore a trader’s need to be aware of various trading strategies, indicators, analysis tools, and algorithms too.
The fact is that this CoinPlus Bitcoin trading program does not work at all. Well, that is our experience with them.
Don’t make mistake and get tangled up with this CoinPlus Bitcoin scam ICO. Because you will never make a single penny in profits.
However, we do need to mention just how ridiculous these clowns are.
These idiots told us that we can gain from 500% to 20,000% in ROI per day. WOW!
True is that margin is way too wide for us to be able to accept. Hence, it is unrealistic. Making even a single percentage point in profits on an investment per day is very impressive, almost impossible.
Making a 100% return in a single day is absolutely unusual.  CoinPlus Bitcoin system is in fact both a Ponzi and pyramid scheme.
They use a many of affiliate programs try to suck in as many money and people as possible before the system is shut down.
Also, they have an affiliate commission program. You will get up to 10% in bonuses for getting others to join.
As we expected, no affiliate commission bonuses have ever been paid out, nor has any money ever been made.


This CoinPlus Bitcoin scam ICO contains all of the aspects that is both a pyramid and Ponzi scheme.
Let’s say, you will invest a bunch of money and simply never get it back. The only thing we can conclude is that CoinPlus Bitcoin is absurd, fake, unrealistic.
In one word scam. Red flag!