Why is this scam
Coinhouse is a French cryptocurrency exchange that operates in the EU. It offers to trade in Bitcoin and Ether for EUR and the other way around.
The exchange is owned by the Paris-based company La Maison du Bitcoin. Initially, the exchange was accepting only clients from France but has expanded its operations and accepts clients from the EU.
If you reach this site, you will find they claim that the biggest advantage of Coinhouse is the fact that it accepts payments with credit cards, similarly to another French exchange – Paymium.
Coinhouse also accepts payments with debit cards, as long as they are also 3D secured and with bank transfers.
Withdrawals are available through a SEPA bank transfer.
There is also the option to make payments through a Neosurf prepaid card for online shopping, which is available in some European countries, as well as some countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.
But nothing is as well as they try to convince us.
Speaking about this platform, we found a lot of unanswered questions.
When did Coinhouse exchange start working? 1
How many traders are currently working on their exchange?
What commission do they charge each trader from the trades? What is the maximum amount of money traders can withdraw from the balance of their account without passing verification?
We found that traders have reported when withdrawing large amount their withdrawals get marked as ”suspect”.
That’s why we assume it is the scam.
Official website:

The signs of confirmation

We found they started on December 19th, 2017. They claimed it was 2014.
The exchange has a tiered system and the fees vary both depending on the traded volume and the payment method.
For example, payments via bank transfers are charged with commissions of between 6 and 10% – the lower the trading volume, the higher the commission.
For payments with cards, the fees vary from 8 to 10%, again based on volume. When compared to most other exchanges, Coinhouse’s fees are actually ridiculously high.
The most significant downside to buying cryptocurrencies on Coinhouse are high trading fees.

Let’s see the other signs.

The site is really slow and it is not well written like some other trusty sites.
There is another caveat, too. Coinhouse does not accept national IDs from other countries (except France), even though they are EU member states. For them, only a passport is accepted.
Considering that many people do not have a passport, as they can travel within the EU with their national ID card and do not need a passport, this is certainly a serious inconvenience.
The fact is that for months hasn’t shown any activity on social networks which is strange.
They are not present on forums and previously they were very active.
They claimed that have 1000 tickets per day.
How they have 1000 tickets per day and they’re only doing 30 BTC worth of volume per day, according to users testimonials.
If that is the case it’s most likely that every single user is having an issue. Very suspect.
There are so many users who have stuck deposits/withdrawals on As far as we know, members already contacted the police.


This is the suspicious site. Red flag!