Why is this scam

Capital-Coins claims to have been the leading cryptocurrency destination for 3 years in a row. Capital Coins is unduly boasting about the opportunities available through their platform and why they are the best possible investment platform.

Not one of this claims is true besides that they reportedly supporting cryptocurrency assets. Let’s see. Capital-Coins claims to be regulated through a multitude of regulatory agencies. But when you run their disclosed regulation numbers they actually appear to be the active regulation numbers for eToro, a social trading platform, not for According to the eToro CySec profile, is not one of their approved domains. That leads us to believe that this scam brokerage probably just tried to play it off as their own as a method to build credibility. Capital-Coins claims to have been a leading brokerage for 3 years. Take a look in WHOIS report. You will reveal their site was just created on August 29th, 2017.

The signs of confirmation

About Us page featured at, claims Mickael Jhonson is the alleged CEO of Capital Coins. We could find no presence of Mickael Jhonson being an existing entity anywhere on the web. The person does not have a Linkedin profile or his biography listed anywhere on the internet. Mickael Jhonson does not exist anywhere on the worldwide web. Because of this, we have actually concluded that this guy does not exist at all. Furthermore, according to their Regulation and Licensing page, Capital Coins’s brokering services are supposedly provided by Capital Coins Ltd, a registered Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) listed under the company’s registration number of HE20058.

Interestingly enough, when conducting a search across the CIF site to confirm Capital Coins Limited as an existing entity, the site failed to generate any credible search results, while the allegedly company’s registration number provided was actually the registration number of eToro Limited, the corporation currently supervising the immense social trading platform known as eToro. Other falsified attempts employed through Capital-Coins would be copying eToro’s UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reference number of 583263 along with asserting that Capital Coins Ltd are corporate entities headquartered out of the UK and Europe when in reality they do not exist.

Let’s see the other signs.

The website has also employed unlicensed financial advisory people who are entrusted with the role of ”helping” you make wise investment decisions when it comes to investing your money on the platform. Capital Coins seems to encourage investors to use their copy trading mechanism. They support all major Cryptocurrencies in the market right now. This website is using flagrant scamming tactics which is madness and stupidity in this era of information. The other thing that should concern you is that the alleged number of traders who use this platform on a monthly basis is also false. These discrepancies should be taken seriously because failure to do so will obvious have consequences like losing all your funds.

Recommendation – This is an suspicious site. Capital Coins website is a scam. Red flag definitely.