Blazing Trader 2018

Why is this scam

Blazing Trader 2018
Blazing trader 2018 (or Blazing Trader) is back to steal your money!
Have you heard of them before? Are you thinking about joining with Blazing Trader 2018?
This “Blazing Trader” App has already been blacklisted twice before as a Scam. Now they’re back for round 3.
After we investigated we found several scamming factors.
That leads us to the fact this trading software is fake. Everything about this investment program has been manipulated and falsified for tricking novice traders into wasting their money.
Blazing Trader 2018 is an idiotic trading app which claims it can turn members into millionaires.
But we have some reasonable doubts. We think this is a corrupt system for being a money-stealing scheme.
There are a ton of issues regarding this horrible software. Therefore we want to reveal their lies and conflicting information used for stealing your money.
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First off, Johan Strand represents his Blazing Trader 2018 app as a millionaire-making system. An automated trading software which he claims all members who use it will become millionaires within 60 days.
There we are! Another irrational app.
In order to magnify their own lies, visitors entering the Blazing Trader 2018 website are guaranteed huge profits gains of $20,000 in profits per day, averaging of $455,000 per month. These mad quotes are supported with unrealistic statements regarding how this software “never” loses any trades.
This is why we think that Blazing Trader 2018 is the scam.
It makes novice traders and beginners believe they’ve found a safe solution without having to worry about losing their investments. Let us be clear, if trading apps are able to really make us rich with minimal work, do you honestly believe this software would be given away for free?. Of course NOT!
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The signs of confirmation

Blazing Trader 2018 isn’t some new trading software. This new version was actually derived from an old scam initially released a couple years ago. Formerly known simply as Blazing Trader, it was based on Binary Options. One year later, Blazing Speed Trader was created, using the same scam software. These swindlers have returned with another “new” version of an already failed trading fraud.
When Blazing Trader first came out, it was extremely popular. A viral scam grabbing the attention of thousands of traders worldwide.
It didn’t take long for people to realize they’ve unknowingly invested their money into a non-working scam.
The complaints on Blazing Trader rose quickly, which resulted in the disappearance of this terrible software. We thought we’d never see them again.
But criminal artists have so many faces. And they never give up.
Hm, let’s say, they are not good students. That’s why they are very persistent.
Trading results are one of the best methods for verifying a trading system’s capacity.
But take a look at their charts. They show fake results. No entry or expiration rates are shown. No trade values.
There are many other scammy factors we cannot overlook.

Let’s see the other signs.

Do you know who is Johan Strand? In the video, he claims as the sole developer of Blazing Trader 2018.
We think that Johan is a paid actor. He’s not the CEO or developer of any software. But that isn’t the biggest problem. Frankly, anyone can pay an actor to play some role.
We found something more important.
The fact that Blazing Trader 2018 has never worked to your benefit. It will not make you rich. Just sitting at home clicking a few buttons will certainly not turn you into a millionaire.
We’re dealing with a recycled scam. Blazing Trader will lose everything you invest.
We hope this newly updated Blazing Trader 2018 Review will serve as a helpful tool in the prevention of further victims from this unlawful trading trick.


Each version of these apps is a nightmare for traders. Don’t trust the new Blazing Trader 2018.
Because it is – full scam.