Bitcoin Pro App

Why is this scam

Bitcoin Pro App
Bitcoin Pro App is presented by a man called James Robins. His claims that the company behind this software was established in 2013, and that he is the owner of the company.
This company has reportedly assembled a team of professional Cryptocurrency analysts and programmers with the aim of creating Bitcoin Pro App.
The software is designed to search and analyze repetitive patterns in relation to the price of the asset that is being traded. The Bitcoin Pro App system is relying on historical data to find profitable trades in the market. This has allegedly given them a remarkable win rate of 93%.  We think that such a high win rate is not possible to maintain on a consistent basis.
The minimum amount for begin trading is $250. With $250, you should expect over $1000 per day which is impossible. That would be a pipe dream. You should never trust any website with unrealistic promises. Any platform or trading system that is promoting unrealistic profits is for sure a scam.
Official website: 
But it is fake!

The signs of confirmation

A character, James Robins claims to be the creator of Bitcoin Pro App. His other claim is that this is the very first Cryptocurrency trading software to leap forward towards the new industry with fresh technology.
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That statement is nebulous. We tried to find whether James Robins is real and that he is the owner of this project.  Of course, we hit a dead end. James Robins is an illegitimate person.
He is just a marketing character. Hence, his task is to cover the real criminals behind the Bitcoin Pro App scam.
They use a voice over to introduce James’ background and that is suspicious too.
Why his face isn’t visible? You should believe to some invisible person talking all about the technical details of this trading app and giving you many reasons why you should subscribe and place your money.
Furthermore, a company that was started in 2013 to allegedly monitor this project is just empty talk. There is no such company over the world.

Let’s see the other signs.

The testimonials are fake. These stock photos anybody can buy.
The best proof that Bitcoin Pro App is a scam is in the trading software. It is a known scam app that loses money. For example, the same app used scams like Banking on Blockchain, Blockchain Bank and Bitcoin Revolution.
All these crypto scams have very similar websites, that is very interesting.
You can see in Bitcoin Pro App video that the system is completely free, that you can put away your credit card.
It’s a lie!
When you sign up, you will be at once required to deposit at least $250. Until you deposit, the software won’t be activated.
Our conclusion is obvious, it isn’t free. And you can not choose your broker. The only allowed is  BinaryOnline. And to be more interesting, this broker is not regulated.


Bitcoin Pro App is a grave scam that is losing money in trading. Stay away from it!