Banking on Blockchain

Banking on Blockchain – Why is this scam

Banking on Blockchain
Banking on Blockchain is designed to take up the money of the investors but as we could see, there is no gain in using this system. It is well known that brokers earn their money from the crypto trading of people using the system. Okay, let’s call them brokers because this system does not connect an individual to the legit individuals you are exchanging the cryptocurrency.  Hence, that makes it a scam.  Moreover, the only thing we could notice for sure about Banking on Blockchain, it is a clever marketing strategy.
The only goal of this hype behind Banking on Blockchain is acquiring an increased number of people using the system in the cryptocurrency market and later gets wealthy at the expense of investors.
Banking on Blockchain 1
Newcomers in the crypto trading are involved in the website which leads to loss of money. Novice has to pay $250 after registering to get the connection to a broker system and start earning profits.
However, the software is a scam which aim is at acquiring money from the investors in the wrong way. Considering the complexity of the cryptocurrency trading most investors want to use the software to manage their investments.
The Banking on Blockchain offer exercises false marketing through the lies. their only wish is to take money from its clients. This systems main focus is to get wealth from people investment.
Hence, it is the scam.

The signs of confirmation

The system developers and brokers have partnered to provide that they obtain wealth from unaware investors.

How does it work?

The creators send a new member to a broker who in turn pays commissions to the creator for the client. The binary broker option to optimize on profits is a plan to increase money from the investor.
For the $250 deposit, they will not provide the terms to get the profits as promised on the website.
The software will start trading your funds, and all you get is losses from the operations. If you try the system, your deposit is lost as there are no withdrawing options. In this case, once you deposit $250 you cannot get the money back.

Let’s see the other signs.

It sounds amazing being able to use the Banking On Blockchain software to make a fortune from cryptocurrency.  But is it really that easy? 500 developers worked on the software including 3000 strategists.
To be honest those figures seem a little unrealistic but ultimately there’s no way to verify whether this is legitimate or not.
Investors have identified the software to control the cryptocurrency investment.
Banking on Blockchain is a scam all way as it is aimed at acquiring wealth at investors’ expense. In our opinion, you should avoid the system as it will make you lose your money. The unsuspecting newcomers are required to know that they are the main targets on Banking on Blockchain software.
Therefore, we recommend you not to use Banking on Blockchain system as developers and brokers partner to get your money.


It is highly advised not to use the Banking on Blockchain software as you will lose your investment.