Why is this scam

The simple fact that this entity presents itself as doing in the financial sector can not suffice to exercise and deserve the trust of customers: it needs a regular and legal existence in accordance with French regulations. To do this, it is first required to register in the Register of Financial Agents (Regafi) to have a license to practice. Unfortunately, this is not the case for 01Crypto. Its name does not appear in the dedicated register. Traders rights are then far from guaranteed with this entity.

The signs of confirmation

Generally, the serious entities provide information on their headquarters and the telephone address to join them, apart from the electronic one which does not guarantee any reliability or sincerity. When this information is readily available and the site of these entities are easily visited, suspicions about their true nature become inevitable. 01 Crypto left no telephone number allowing its potential customers to reach it directly, and did not provide any details on its headquarters. How to trust an entity that will be difficult to join in case of trouble or litigation? What to do in case of difficulty during the execution of the contract? All these legitimate questions give chance to real anxiety and leave more doubt to develop on this entity.

Let’s see the other signs.

Even if financial entities are not required to have a certain rank before exercising, one of the operating methods characterizing doubtful sites is to be created in a hurry and are closed some time later. By looking at 01 Crypto, we discovered that his website www.01crypto.com was created on September 19, 2017. The particularly tempting conditions that this platform is trying to make you glimpse are in fact only decoys to attract and strip you of the resources that you have certainly mobilized over time, after considerable effort.

Recommendation – We can assure you, without any risk of being mistaken, that 01 Crypto is a very little serious platform. It has nothing serious to propose and is not at all worthy of trust. This is a pure and simple scam.