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Tradeo has been established since 2011, and have a head office in Cyprus.
It is present on social networks. If you try to find them on Facebook and visit their page, you will find that they don’t have many followers. Barely 16,000 which is strange for the broker with almost 8 years of experience.
Tradeo is a unique Forex & Commodities CFD broker offering a social trading platform. Based on a variety of performance indicators, investors can search and find hundreds of traders to copy or follow, which is good for new ones.
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One of the features of the Tradeo social trading platform is that additional commentary is provided that explains the strategic moves of your choice of partner. In other words, you may learn as you go with each mirrored trade.
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Also, automatic stop-losses may be set for your protection.
Tradeo combines social trading with an advanced, synergistic trading platform. With the platform that fully integrates both social and trade execution within the same visual interface. Tradeo offers its clients access to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This is the trading platform which is one of the world’s most popular Forex trading platforms. MT4 allows traders to access advanced technical analysis and to use automated trading systems.
It has the Live stream of trading signals that allows you to view what other traders are buying and selling in real time and also Live market notification that keeps up-to-date with market movements and improves your trading decisions.


Tradeo has unlimited FREE DEMO ACCOUNTS with $50,000 paper money. It’s the platform is easy to use.


The withdrawal process is fast (account opening is completely hassle-free and super fast).


It highlights their reliability is the quality of their customer support service. To provide their clients with unfettered access to the support services, Tradeo has made their support services available on a 24 hours basis. This means regardless of the time of day, a trader can always request assistance from the support staff at this broker. Access to their support services is enhanced by the fact that traders can communicate with the support team through email, live chat or the telephone.

They said about Tradeo:

* I started with Tradeo 2 months ago. Since then I had really good support. I like the social features and that you can copy other traders. Of course, it is not always 100 % profits, but it far better results than if I was trading on my own. I made withdraw 1 week ago and 3 days after I received it without fees. So based on my experience till now I recommend Tradeo both hands.
* I am very satisfied with the attention. Complete users expectation. I received good bases to use the platform, good explanations, and customer support. Fast transactions every time I wanted to withdraw money. Highly recommended!

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