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City Index is founded in 1983 in the UK. Today is one of the leading multi-asset brokers in London.

City Index is a subsidiary of publicly traded GAIN Capital Holdings (NYSE: GCAP).

With over 35 years of tradition, City Index works as a confident brand under GAIN Capital in the UK and in Asia.

It is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operates according to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) rules. That means you have limited leverage and safety from negative balance security. Also, it is regulated by ASIC, FCA, FSA(JP), IIROC, MAS, NFA.

It gives traders over 12,500 products across global markets. CityIndex offers cryptocurrency CFDs, bitcoin and a lot of other crypto pairs. Also, you can trade over 84 currency pairs including Exotic Forex pairs. And all over the world.

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City Index offers the popular MT4 forex trading platform, but also offers their custom AT Pro platform.

City Index also gives mobile apps for Android and iOS, giving it comfortable to follow and execute your trades wherever you are.

The AT Pro platform has advanced technical analysis. You will find more than 100 indicators, charts, and, moreover, effectively customized. Both platforms have Reuters news in real time.

AT Pro has historical backtesting and powerful automated trading add. You can’t find better among brokerages all over Europe.

You can find there an awesome list of advanced features.

AT Pro gives robust charting. Over 140 indicators and 25 drawing tools. Development Studio is an automated trading platform alike the MT4 platform.

It gives you the advantage in backtesting to see the full test results of your preferred strategy. And before you use it live. You can study more than 100 strategies.

City Index’s platforms are well-known as user-friendly.

The platforms are a well-designed both for web-based or desktop customers. To access the web-based platforms, you will have to choose from the two browser-based platforms.

And you will find two web-based platforms. One is Advantage Web, and the other is the Web Trader.

The WebTrader is their new proprietary. Web Trader is based on HTML5 technology that allows you to personalize various workspaces. The one advantage more is that you can shift between workspaces with a simple one click.

Web Trader has a real-time margin calculator that allows you to set stops and limits by points, profit or price.

The other browser-based platform, Advantage Web is the innovative web-based platform. It uses Adobe Flash to operate. In order to use it, you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash if you want it to run well. You must install the latest version of Adobe Flash for the software to run properly.


CityIndex has a free demo account with access to their trading platforms for 12 weeks. They will give you £10,000 in virtual money.

Also, you will have access to pricing on thousands of markets including shares, indices, and bitcoin. Moreover, it is in real time.

And they will allow you to test all the features and tools on the platform.

When it comes to the real account, City Index recommends you a minimum deposit of at least £100.


The minimum withdrawal amount is £50 or the full available account balance. If you prefer online withdrawals, you can withdraw under £20,000 in one transaction. Also, it is the highest withdrawal value via credit cards in 24 hours. There is a possibility to withdraw more but you have to contact them. There are no fees for withdrawals.


If you trade via mobile app, you can chat with customer support live. On the City Index website, there is a page with the City Index address and phone number. Also, on the bottom of any page, you will see a chat icon, the support contact email address, and a phone number.

They said about City Index:

* Really good MM broker without any suspicious price behavior. Good execution and a quite nice customer service

* They’re certainly well regulated, and my overall impression was that they were about as honest and reliable as any spread betting company can be.

* Impressed with the fast service and fast payment of City Index. Been trading with them for 7 years, it’s been a genuine and progressive experience and they’ve shown considerable improvement over the last few years.

* Top quality! I have been with city index for 5 years now – exceptional service throughout. could not recommend higher.