Let me waste your time on finance, or in short, WYT, is a blog-driven to show and report all the latest news about finance subjects such as crypto industry, stocks, shares, forex etc.

WYT is located in United Kingdom and Serbia and working to improve traders and investors lives.

The way we aim to do so is in steps:

1. Recent news – Read about the latest news. Of course, you can read about it in other places – but here you will get also OUR interpretation to the news.

This means – Not only informative but also opinions and risk alerts.

2. Informative material – You will get our best Ebooks about trading, How to’s, A-Z guide on investing and trading for lowest costs on the internet (You can get some of it for free as a subscriber)

3. Software and technological tools – The most important to a trader. As trading is a zero-sum game, you got to have every advantage you can get, because if not – you can count on the face your opponent will use his advantages.

Extremely important if you want to be successful.

4. Recommending online trading platforms that are legit and regulated and warn about scammy and fishy platforms.

Let Me Waste Your Time on finance is proud to say:

Yes, this is the start!  

We will grow. We will get bigger, and we will help our subscribers and visitors is all the ways we can to protect their trades and money in every way we can.

Why do we do that?

We get our drive from people, just like you. When we get a message on Facebook or email, saying we help them choose correctly the broker agency, good investment, or just they enjoyed reading and learning from our tutorials and guides – this is what fills us.

Please, contact us for anything you need. We’re here only for you.

WYT Team