Young investors feel stress and insecure while investing

This is a result of a survey conducted by the Financial Planning Association and portal Investopedia

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Young investors feel stress and insecure while investing 1


Janus Henderson, the Financial Planning Association and financial portal Investopedia recently conducted a survey named War on Stress about the young investor and their feelings about investing. 

This survey is important because the result showed a high level of stress among young investors.

The main concerns among millennials are increasing student loans and stagnant salaries. That makes them stressed more than anything.

Those circumstances are in line with their stress.

This survey shows that 53% of millennials are not earning enough to satisfy their financial obligations. So, they have no possibility to invest.

The advice coming from financial advisers and experts that exactly Generation Y should start the first investment as soon as possible, sound pretty nice but not relevant for the young people

Stress has an influence on the young investors in other fields of their lives too.

The survey shows that stress is a “significant” or “moderate” for their spirit, prosperity, and well-being because it is present in their everyday life.

Young people under the age of 35, said that they are somewhat or very concerned about the effects of a market downturn.

It is very strange because early investing give them an opportunity to invest for a longer period of time and make corrections in their portfolios if it is necessary. They have much more time to recover if they hit the losses. Anyway, they have much more time than older.

On the other hand, a high level of stress among millennials is logical.

The majority of young investors started to work during or near the time when the financial crisis has begun. People under 35 have fears about their jobs and financial chances, which is in correlation with the possibility to lose jobs and financial support.

And they still didn’t pay off their student loans.

Investing is triggering more stress for them.

Their salaries are $2,000 lower than that it was the case before the crisis., according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the US.

Young investors are disappointed with their financial condition.

More than 32% of them under the age of 35, points exactly that problem in this survey.

Previous generations never had such difficult and heavy packages on their shoulders. For example, their student debts were much lower.

But not only younger investors feel uncertain. The whole range of investors between 35 and 44 age are worried about retirement.

So, stress is the problem for each group younger than 45 age.

All of them are upset with the level of stress that they’re feeling.

The 2019 War on Stress survey recognized an important distinction between younger and older investors. It is the difference in the mindsets and stress levels.

Millennial investors with some level of financially security and with financial goals claimed that they feel less stress.

The conclusion of this survey is that ‘financial literacy and an established plan may have an effect on reducing stress.’

Well, that is common with other investors.

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