Just 5 F***ing Minutes In Trading To Find What BS Is

Start with a small amount if you do not have a lot of money.

Stop on what you consider to be the last stop.


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Just 5 F***ing Minutes In Trading To Find What BS Is

These are the best trading tips you’ll ever get. Remember this:

* When the market is sinking rapidly – buy.

* When it rises, place a stop order at the price of the purchase.

* Each time the value rises to $100, move the stop for $100. Follow the trend.  Every time you move your stop, it protects your profit. Follow the trend until the momentum is lost or until everything is reversed.

* Do not try to predict the climax. Continue moving the stop order point.

* Stop on what you consider to be the last stop.

So, you want to enter the crypto-trading? You do not want some small 10% ROI after a year on a regular old stock market because it’s for grandparents and old people. You want to quit your business with a middle finger and immediately start trading cryptos. Okay!

Maybe it’s your dream to become Gordon “greed is good” Gekko, or Jordan Belfort, a Wolf from Wall Street? Or you may want to blow up and do not want anything less than a yacht, a villa and a girl in a bikini scrambling around one of your pools. All this and even more FULLY can be yours!

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

Cryptocurrencies have some of the best ROI in history (ROI = return on investment) and you have a great opportunity to earn good money.

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How to make money with cryptos?

Stories like “… I invested all my money in Ethereum (and so are all my friends) …” they are fun at some level (students can afford some risks because if they lose everything they will have a lot of remaining life to recover later).

On the Internet, you could read the announcement of a person who pawned his car because he wanted to enter the “shit coin pump”  where traders gather and buy like crazy to inflate a collapse of a crypto. Before it falls on idiots. Of course, he lost all the cryptos and his wife kicked him out. This is not good and you do not want to be that guy.


“Do you have enough money to invest?”, is the first thing you need to ask yourself because if you have extra money, you would be surprised what you can do with it.

Start with a small amount if you do not have a lot of money. Careful. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Of course, nothing stops you to take a loan, sell a cottage, another apartment, a wife’s car, something that you do not need anyway. It will be hard not to make money. The crypto will not disappear as the Internet has not disappeared.


“Are you a buy-and-keep, or a trader?” This is the second question that you need to ask yourself. Because these are two completely different things.

Simply, just buy and keep is the right strategy for most people. You should get some of the famous cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, put them in cold storage and forget about them. Do not read the news and do not worry about wild swings or predictions of a collapse from the ”yellow” press.

But if you want to trade cryptos, this is something else, because that means looking for information on how to enter and exit the market. We recommend you to do some research before you accidentally select some cryptos and look at their charts because otherwise you will trade blindly and you don’t want that. The rules of the game are basic, but it’s important to remember:

Buy cheap, sell more expensive! There are two parts: earning money and keeping! Most people fall and burn in the second part, because everyone earn money and then immediately invest it further. It’s like a golden fever! You are like the conqueror of new territories. You enjoy the excitement that is better than sex. However, it is brutal in the days when you are losing. You will lose money, friends, hair, you will be unsatisfied, angry, depressed and distracted.  Remember, you play against the maniac and sadistic “mind” of the market, and against yourself. Your system of belief, emotion, and mental power works against you. Markets and people are not rational. First of all, we all have partial information like in the fog, because the information isn’t near evenly distributed. We all have different degrees of ability to process this information, which means that we are all in some point stupid.We all own distorted mental heuristics and a stupid system of belief.

Being “right” when you are actually wrong is a great way to lose your money.

The reasons why new traders are losing are:

a) They trade without edge, in other words – they are gambling

b) They’re trading on a lot

c) They’re trading low-value things

Trading with crypto is like juggling with a cobra! So if you’re not a professional trader, do not do these things. Crypto markets are moving at the speed of video games and you can easily lose money.

Does this mean you should not trade cryptos? It’s not about it. We enjoy trading!

You should too!

Want to open a free $100,000 virtual account and practice trading for FREE?


Risk Disclosure (read carefully!)

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